Middelfart Town Archive

Historical archive for the town of Middelfart and Vejlby Parish
Middelfart Town Archive is a part of Middelfart Museum and collects and stores historical sources from the town of Middelfart and from Vejlby Parish. Our reading room is open to all who wish to see the historical documents. Visitors often have an interest in the history of the town and local community or are looking for their family history. Among our visitors are also researchers working on articles or book projects.

In our collection you can find:

  • Private collections from local citizens, companies and voluntary associations
  • Documents from the local Labour Movement
  • Historical photos
  • Audio tapes
  • Historical maps
  • Local books
  • Historical address and telephone directories
  • Historical newspapers
The archive comprises a total of 130 meters of documents, 25,000 photos, 1,000 printed books, 500 films and 200 audio tapes from around 1850 until today.



You can search for our historical sources at the common archive database Arkiv.dk (in Danish).


You can also find more historical web sources about Middelfart on our link page (in Danish).



Middelfart Municipal Archive

Documents from the municipal administration


In 2016 Middelfart Town Archive and Middelfart Museum was given the task to collect archival material from Middelfart Municipality and preserve it for posterity. In addition the task is to supervise the municipal administration on the basis of the Archives Act.


The municipal archive contains:


  • Documents from the administration and the town council of the present Middelfart Municipality since 2007.
  • Documents from the administration and the town council of former municipalities 1868-2006 on the area of the present municipality.

The archive comprises around 1000 meters of paper documents. Digital documents are preserved at the NEA Electronic Archives Network.


You can read more about the historical development of the municipal administration in Middelfart here (in Danish).

Contact us

Algade 8, DK-5500 Middelfart 

(you wil find us in the basement. Walk to the museum garden through the alley on the left of the main entrance. In the garden you will find the entrance to the archive and the reading room).

Telephone: (+45) 64 41 47 41 (between 10 and 13)


Opening hours

Tuesday and Thursday at 10-14. On other days open by appointment.

In July open by appointment. Closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Years Eve.

Please contact us in advance if you come to Middelfart when the archive is closed.










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